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Talk on Garlic by Penny Woodward

Penny was met by a full room of keen listeners as she regaled us with the depth and breadth of her knowledge about garlic and her fascination for this plant with an intriguing history of cultivation. She described the physical intricacies of garlic, its growing requirements, caprices, flavours and uses. She also explained the complex puzzle of identifying garlic varieties, the practices which have led to mis-naming and the arduous work which is being undertaken to untangle the garlic naming puzzle – a task in which Penny is involved.

Penny Woodward has been growing, writing about and photographing edible plants for more than 30 years. After seven books and countless articles and talks, her interest in her subject is undiminished.

Organic gardening and sustainable living are her passion, along with growing and using edible and useful plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit. She enjoys communicating with gardeners to share her enthusiasm. She has written her books – two of which have won awards – for Australian conditions. More information about Penny and her work can easily be found on the internet.

This was a most informative and interesting talk and we deeply appreciate Penny sharing her knowledge with us.

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