White Flower
Rhodanthe anthemoides

Plant lists for Spring Plant Sale

On sale in Spring 2016 are the following wonderful plants: Banksia integrifolia – prostrate form – also known as Coastal Banksia. A hardy groundcover with grey-green leaves with silvery- white undersides and upright large yellow brush flowers which attract birds to your gardens. It is the perfect plant to cascade over an embankment for a striking look. Check it out when next visiting the gardens – it grows near the Visitors Centre.

On the more delicate looking side, we will also be selling the lovely Rhodanthe anthemoides with dark-red buds which open to long-lasting, white, papery flowers. Lovely for borders and most suitable for pots.

For a small tree or large shrub, the leptospermum polygalifolium ‘Copper Glow’ is a great choice. It has white flowers, fine leaves with red stems and copper coloured new foliage. Great for hedging either trimmed or un-trimmed.

Then there is the Boronia muelleri ‘Snowy river’. A hardy shrub with beautiful soft pink bell shaped flowers in spring. Also suitable for small hedges or can be grown in a container.

Lists of plants for sale now available: List organised by plant formList organised alphabetically by genus.