Attila Kapitany
Attila Kapitany. Image by Michele Kapitany

A day with Attila Kapitany – Book here

Join us on Saturday 17 June to hear Attila Kapitany, succulent expert and author of many popular books. Attila loves to share the knowledge that he has gained over the years. Attila’s position on flora differs from conventional attitudes and ideas about the diversity and beauty of Australian flora. Of over 20,000 Australian species, he believes that at least 400 have a notable degree of succulence, and some are stunning plants.

While some people are aware that Australia has the Queensland bottle tree, Brachychitonrupestris, most aren’t aware of several other species within the genus that also develop bottle-shaped trunks, such as Brachychiton compactus. The latter is a rare and spectacular species, with large flowers and a luxuriant canopy.

The day will start at 10am with Attila in the Gardens Shop signing purchased books, followed by morning refreshments and informal discussion with Attila in the Auditorium. At 11am, Attila will give a presentation on Australian succulents. In the afternoon, Attila will be in the Auditorium to chat with people from 1.45pm and at 2pm will give his presentation on boabs and bottle trees. This will be followedby afternoon refreshments and time for further informal discussion and signing of books. Attila will then head to the Gardens Shop for about 30 minutes.

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