Cryptostylis Subulata & Wasp Photo: Mitch Smith
Cryptostylis subulata & wasp Photo: Mitch Smith

‘Fascination of Orchid Pollination’ with Mitch Smith

On Sunday 13 August 2017 from 2pm to 3:30pm, Mitch Smith will presenting a talk on the fascination of orchid pollination.

There is so much that we do not know about how pollination of many Australian plants occurs. By coming to this talk which has the subtitle of ‘Sex, Lies and Seduction’ you are sure to become much better acquainted with what has been discovered in recent times especially with Victoria’s terrestrial orchids.

Mitch Smith has no formal training and is a self-professed ecologist/environmentalist whose interest is to preserve our diminishing biodiversity. The ground breaking work by Mitch with Rudie Kuiter on Victoria’s orchid pollinators is believed to be the most comprehensive work to date, with pollinators described for approx 150 species of orchids. This is citizen science at its best!

Mitch owns Woolenook Native Plant Nursery in Maffra where he has lived for about 10 years ago. He works on local re-vegetation and restoration projects and has accumulated knowledge and insights on many aspects of the environment. He is now spearheading, with the help of local enthusiasts and advice from Dick Thomson, a grassy woodland plains enhancement program for Gippsland. Mitch also acts an advisor to current land managers on environmental matters, mostly to do with orchids and grassland management in his local area.

Mitch is a very enthusiastic knowledgeable person and this shines forth in his stimulating presentations.

Make sure you do not miss this talk, which is taking place in the Australian Garden Auditorium, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Cranbourne Gardens.

Members $20
Non-members $25
Students $10

The booking form can be found here: Booking Form – Mitch Smith (Word Doc)

Caladenia tentaculata and wasp. Photo: Mitch Smith


Rudie Kuiter (l) and Mitch Smith (r) with the endangered Native Dog Hakea, Hakea asperma in the Upper Buchan River area of East Gippsland.