Spring Flowering Native Plants
Spring flowering native plants

Spring Plant Sale

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October, 2017

10am to 4pm both days

Weather permitting, for the spring Plant Sale we should have a colourful selection of plants including a few new ones such as Persoonia nutans x oxycocoides ‘GoldenLantern’, a small shrub (H 0.5m x W 1-1.5m) with yellow flowers. It flowers in late spring to summer and is best grown in dappled shade, making it a good understory plant.
We will also have Melaleuca thymifolia ‘Cotton Candy’; a small spreading shrub (H 1-1.2m x W 1-2m) with narrow grey-green leaves and clusters of deep pink bottlebrush flowers. It flowers in spring and summer and is excellent for garden beds, borders and rockeries. It also grows well in part shade or full sun positions and in coastal areas. Frost-tolerant and drought hardy once established, this plant is also a good one for attracting birds.
Not a new plant but one that hasn’t been available for a while is Melaleuca bracteata ‘Revolution Green’. This is an adaptable, attractive, medium shrub or small tree (H2-4m x W 3-4m) with small, bright green
leaves and fissured, papery brown bark. It produces creamy-white, bird-attracting flowers on its branch tips during summer and is a hardy plant which tolerates poor soils. It is also great for hedging, screening, windbreaks or as a feature plant.