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Visit The Nuytsia Floribunda
Nuytsia floribunda. Image by Alex Smart

Visit the Nuytsia floribunda

In the mid-1970’s Warren Worboys planted our precious Nuytsia floribunda  on now what is know as Howson Hill. In March 2015 it became the first tree in the Cranbourne Gardens to be listed by the National Trust as a significant tree. In 2016 it began to shed bark and slowly the deterioration has continued.

The bark is seriously delaminating and a large branch is dead and will be removed. Current investigations suspect it is suffering from Armillaria root rot commonly called Australian Honey Fungus. It is ironic that this fungus produces attractive tan coloured fruit bodies about 10 cm diameter. The fruit is edible for humans and potentially deadly for Eucalypts and Nuytsia. Read more at

Regrettably during 2017 there has been further deterioration in the health of the tree so it’s future remains perilous. Many people have joined our annual pilgrimages but this year it may be appropriate to wear a black arm-band. There is no charge for this walk but sadly it is likely to conclude with a wake in the Boon Wurrung Café.

9.30 am

Friday January 5, 2017

Meet at Visitors Centre.


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