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Breakfast And Bushland (featuring The Special Collections)
Cranbourne Gardens bushland. Photo by Amy Akers

Breakfast and Bushland (featuring the Special Collections)

The Special Collections area is approximately 2.5 hectares and located within the conservation area of the bushland. It was first planted out by Alf Salkin in 1977, with additional plantings being made by members of the Australian Plants Society and Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. The main focus of this area was for it to contain native species of the Proteaceae family, as well as some other plant groups. There has been some decline over time and some plants were also found to be weedy. An audit of this area was conducted in 2015. As part of the most recent Master Plan by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, it was decided that this collection would eventually be removed from the bushland completely, so that it could be ecologically restored. Significant taxa will be saved and relocated to and/or propagated for the Australian Garden, as well as other botanic gardens.

We will be enjoying a continental breakfast, including hot drinks, before we embark on the walk with Warren. This will be at a fairly slow pace and will take approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Entry to the Cranbourne Gardens will be at the West Gate (back gate) on Ballarto Road. Please be at this gate promptly at 8am.

For more information, please contact Amy Akers on 0423 513 281.

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