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Angus Stewart Is Now Patron Of The Cranbourne Friends
Angus Stewart - the Patron of the Cranbourne Friends

Angus Stewart is now Patron of the Cranbourne Friends

It is with a great deal of excitement that the Cranbourne Friends Committee announces the news that Angus Stewart has joined us as our Patron. Angus was a wonderful supporter of the Kangaroo Paw Celebration and very generous with his time and knowledge. Throughout his work with us he expressed his high regard for Cranbourne Gardens, and the next logical step was to ask him to become a Friend in a more formal role. Angus has shared his thoughts with us about what being a Patron might mean:

It is an extraordinary honour and privilege to be invited to be patron of the Cranbourne Friends Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. My special connection to the Gardens is that my grandmother, Victorian wildflower painter Daisy Wood, actually raised her family for a number of years on the family farm in Cranbourne, when it was still largely a bushland area. She delighted in discovering and painting the local flora, particularly terrestrial orchids, and recording the exquisite detail for posterity. Her work inspired me to pursue a career in horticulture, specialising in Australian plants.

The Friends is a tremendously vibrant group of passionate people who bring something incredibly special to the Royal Botanic Gardens. In my experience, the total of what the Friends bring to the Gardens is far, far greater than the sum of the parts. I see amateur (and sometimes former professional) propagators, scientists, horticulturists, ornithologists, naturalists, gardeners and plant-lovers all bringing an energy that helps the Gardens to become a friendly community as well as a place of conservation, education and scientific learning.

It is my fervent hope that I can complement and help to represent the Friends in the true spirit of supporting and enhancing the wonderful work of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Cranbourne Gardens.

We will be working together to determine the ways in which Angus can support our work and in turn support the role of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Cranbourne Gardens.

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