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Visit From Friends Of The Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton
Dusky Woodswallow Image by Marg Clarke

Visit from Friends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton

On a beautiful Spring day in mid October some members of the ‘Friends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton’ enjoyed a visit to the Cranbourne Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.
While walking to the visitor centre, on arrival, we heard and saw Grey Fantails and Superb Fairy-wrens, a lovely welcome.
We were given a talk on the history and layout of the gardens and appreciated being taken on a very interesting and informative guided tour. We were delighted to see the many and varied plants species, lots in flower.
As we walked along we saw a number of nectar feeding birds in the flowering plants which included the Yellow-faced and New Holland Honeyeaters and Little Wattlebirds. A Dusky Woodswallow was seen sitting on it’s nest in a Melaleuca tree while others were preening themselves in a nearby eucalyptus tree.  We had good views of Red-browed Finches feeding on the ground and Australasian Grebes were calling from the lake as we walked by.
New Holland Honeyeater Image by Marg Clarke

New Holland Honeyeater Image by Marg Clarke

Red-browed Finches feeding on ground

Red-browed Finches Image by Marg Clarke


It was good being able to walk through the natural bushland to the Trig Point Lookout where we enjoyed the tea tree in full bloom, saw White-eared Honeyeaters and a Sun-orchid blooming.
At the 22.6ha site in Shepparton there are also some lakes and natural bushland as well as the Australian native plants garden area. A variety of local flora is protected in the natural area while the whole area is a haven for a variety of fauna.
We were amazed to hear how many species of birds have been seen in the Cranbourne Gardens. At the Shepparton Gardens members of the Birdlife Murray Goulburn have conducted a bird survey every two months over several years and have noted 109 bird species.
We had a great day, enjoying these wonderful gardens and all they have to offer.
Marg Clarke
Member of ‘Friends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton’
Member of ‘Birdlife Murray Goulburn’
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