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Habitat Gardening Workshop
Swordgrass Brown Butterfly (Tisiphone abeona) visiting a native Parsnip (Trachymene sp.). Photo: Amy Akers

Habitat Gardening Workshop

We are inviting you to participate in this workshop which goes well beyond learning just about plants.  The Workshop will explore the special relationships between plants and animals of all kinds that can help to make your garden really come alive. Gardening, Horticulture and Ecology will come together!

The Oxford Dictionary of Natural History tells us: “Ecology is the scientific study of inter-relationships among organisms and between organisms, and all aspects, living and non-living of their environments” — Ecology is the cornerstone of habitat gardening.

Sunday 29 April 2018
Australian Garden Auditorium, Cranbourne Gardens

Members $60
Non-members $75
Students $30

Presenters will include:

  • AB Bishop, will be our keynote speaker. She has just finished writing a book on the subject of this workshop which will be published later this year. She is co-author with Angus Stewart of the widely acclaimed book ‘The Australian Native Garden’ which was awarded the ‘Book Laurel’ at the Horticultural Media Association of Australia Laurels Award night this year. AB is a horticulturalist and freelance writer who has worked as a researcher at ABC Gardening Australia, she is also is involved with the 3CR Gardening Show.
  • Broni Swartz is a horticulturalist at the RBGV Cranbourne Gardens who has a very deep interest in and love of insects. Broni will be taking us on an exciting journey of how as gardeners we can cater for these important but often maligned small to minute animals.
  • Emmaline Bowman,  a landscape designer who really enjoys working with water will lead us in exploring ways how we can retain water on our properties as well as create soaks and swales in our gardens which will be of great value as wildlife habitat.
  • Rodger Elliot, a horticulturalist and writer with many years experience in growing Australian plants will have a presentation on creating habitat in small spaces, including habitat gardens for lizards who contribute greatly to the ecology of gardens.

As a special highlight, we will finish the day by visiting ‘The Whisper Garden’ of Shari Judges and David Duncan which shares a boundary with the Cranbourne Gardens.

Bookings are essential.  Download the booking form here:

Queries: Rodger Elliot (03) 8774 2483; 0448 103 892

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