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Microbats In Your Backyard
Microbat Southern Freetail

Microbats in your backyard

Microbats are among the most common animals in our backyards and in bushland. They come out at night to feed on insects. These tiny creatures use echo-location (sonar) to navigate and hunt and consume huge numbers of insects each night, including mosquitoes and other pest insects. Children are much more likely to hear their high-pitched squeaks than adults. Through the day they roost in tree hollows or crevices in tree bark.

Environmental Conservation Researcher, Dr Casey Visintin, will teach us about these important animals and you may have an opportunity to see one or two living Microbats up close. While everyone will be interested, this lecture is in school holidays so children are welcome to attend.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Auditorium, Cranbourne Gardens, 2.00 pm

Please book via our booking form.

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