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The Iconic Banksia -a Workshop
Banksia Blechnifolia. Photo: Rodger Elliot

The Iconic Banksia -a workshop

Would you believe that there is so much more to Banksias than just Snugglepot, Cuddlepie and the Big Bad Banksia Men?

Banksias are icons of the Australian bush and have a very ancient history. Australian plant enthusiasts are frequently excited by the splendour and variation within the Banksia
genus but may be unsure about different growing requirements. This workshop is the place to be if you are keen to learn more about Banksias.

Over recent times the Banksia genus (80 species) has grown, as botanical studies have led to absorption of Dryandra species into Banksia. Now there are 170 Banksia species
in the genus. Dr Mike Bayly from Melbourne University will deal with this disruption and any confusion in: What is Banksia? And why did the big bad Banksia men dispatch
Dryandra? At the workshop, other presentations on this iconic genus will be given by:

  • RBG Victoria’s Chief Botanist and Director Plant Sciences and Diversity Prof David Cantrill, world-renowned for his study of Antarctic plant fossils, will discuss Banksia and Banksia-like fossils: the fossil history of this group.
  • Trevor Blake, a long-time leader of the Australian Plant Society’s Banksia, Study Group, is choosing to reveal the best banksias for your garden.
  • Rodger Elliot will cover Banksias – Selection and Application for Cultivation, and how to create pleasing landscapes that also suit wildlife.
  • Warren Worboys, Curator of Horticulture at Cranbourne Gardens, will deal with the subject of Banksia Nutrition, Pests and Diseases.
  • John Thompson will explore Banksia: Indigenous use, discovery, cultivation, inspiration for arts & crafts.
  • Carolyn Landon, author of The Banksia Lady, will cover the History of Banksia Illustration.

For more information, contact Rodger Elliot, email:, tel. 8774 2483

Prices: Members $60, non-members $75 and students $30.

To attend the Iconic Banksia Workshop, book via the  19-SPRING-FILLABLE-booking form *.  It should be a great day.

*If completing online, enter all details, save to one’s computer, finally email to Booking Officer.

Friends Booking-and-Cancellation-Policy  applies.

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