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Things My Garden Taught Me: Gabrielle Baldwin

Things my garden taught me: Gabrielle Baldwin

Meet Gabrielle Baldwin, the author of this insightful book, for a morning talk on Sunday 9 February 2020, at the Auditorium at the Australian Gardens.

Gabrielle says “Things My Garden Taught Me is partly a memoir – a record of a twenty-five-year project to establish a bush garden on what had been pasture land at Yanakie in South Gippsland. I have always loved Wilson’s Promontory and our family has spent many holidays there. When an opportunity arose to buy land close to the National Park, my husband and I bought it with the hope of replicating some of the wild beauty of the Prom landscape. The book describes our experiences of successes and failures, pleasures and frustrations. (Our part of the Yanakie Isthmus is a challenging environment, as it is very exposed and windy.) But, beyond that, it explores what I believe I have learned in the process, not just about gardening, but about many aspects of life.

“For instance, gardening has shown me the need to find an appropriate balance between what can be controlled and what cannot – and an acceptance of this, even when it involves disappointment and sadness. I have learned that decay is essential to the cycles of life, with obvious implications for thinking about death. And, at a more down-to-earth level, I have found satisfaction in conquering the fear of snakes and discovering that hard physical work can be empowering for women. The book presents twenty-four ‘lessons’ like these, stemming from the gardening experiences but extending into broader areas.”

Prices: Members $20, non-members $25 and students $10.

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