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Staying Connected On Zoom

Staying connected on Zoom

Basketry Special interest group

Our basket makers weave or sew pliable plant material into baskets, mesh bags or other creative, interesting artefacts.  Fibrous matter is bent and coiled or plaited and twined together by strong hands and imaginative design.

Not to be dissuaded by COVID 19 and the cancellation of group meetings onsite at Cranbourne, the intrepid basket-makers are meeting via Zoom. Sticking to their traditional 3rd Saturday of the month they click the Zoom link at 10 o’clock or so to say ‘hello’ to fellow members and weave away while they chat and swap stories. People can stay as long as they like, sometimes just popping in to see who is online. It has been a great way to keep in touch. They also have a WhatsApp group where they share fibre plant knowledge, questions and projects. 

Melon basket by Liz McDonald, Materials: frame Pandorea pandorana,
Dianella tasmanica, Eleocarus reticulatus, Typha latifolia – Cumbungi

Bell by Lynn Lochrie, Materials: Dianella, Anigozanthus – Kangaroo Paw

Small Twined Basket by Lynn Lochrie, Materials: Lepidosperma

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