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2021: Growing Friends To Open To Members On Thursdays

2021: Growing Friends to open to members on Thursdays

The Growing Friends have been steadily working on increasing our range of plants and the nursery will now be open again to members who wish to purchase plants on our working-bee days.

We will be open on Thursdays. Time: 10am – 2pm

We have a wide range of plants for sale, including:

Asplenium australasicum (Birds nest fern)
Asplenium australasicum (Birds nest fern)
  • large, good looking Asplenium australisicum (Birdnest Ferns)
  • heirloom plants such as Macrazamias communis and Brachychiton rupestris.
  • gorgeous Croweas and Eremophilas
  • interesting and colourful Grevilleas.

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