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RBGV’s New Child Safe Program

RBGV’s New Child Safe Program

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is introducing an important new program for all volunteers, staff, on-site Friends groups and contractors at the Gardens: the new RBGV Child Safe Program.  

This program is designed to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding and protecting children and young people under 18 years of age at the Botanic Gardens sites, from abuse, neglect or harm.

What do members of Friends groups need to do?

  1. Apply for a Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Visit: Services Victoria. The application process can be completed online, and Volunteer checks are free. If you already have a Working with Children Check, log in and update it to include “RBG Cranbourne” in organisation details online.

Regarding choice of “Occupation”, Friends should select Sporting, recreational or cultural clubs, associations or movements. We are officially associated with the Gardens and could also be loosely described as having a recreational or cultural role.

2. Read the RBGV Child Safe Policy and RBGV Child Safe Code of Conduct
You must read these policies before 28 February 2021.

3. Sign the RBGV Child Safe Statement of Commitment
You will need to read each point and check the corresponding box (or mark each line) to indicate your commitment. The document should be signed and return it to the Friends Committee:

Let your coordinator/leader know when you have completed all three steps. This should be done by 28 February 2021.

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