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The Superb Lyrebird
Lyrebird, Healesville Sanctuary

The Superb Lyrebird

Discover more about this iconic species at this afternoon talk given by Alex Maisey, on Sunday 18th July 2021, at 2pm, at the Cranbourne Gardens Auditorium.

Through 20 years involvement with the Sherbrooke Lyrebird Survey Group studying the iconic Superb Lyrebird, Alex Maisey has developed a somewhat obsessive interest in the ecology of this species. He completed a PhD in 2021 determining the ecosystem engineering role of this soil-displacing songster, and the way in which they utilise (and thus modify) forests in the southern fall of central Victoria.  In the year following the mega fires of 2019/20, Alex undertook a post-doctoral research project, partnering with BirdLife Australia, to understand the impacts of the megafires on lyrebirds.

Alex will talk about the lyrebirds as ecosystem engineers and the enormous impact on the species during the mega fires. 

Cost: $20 Member, $25 Non-Members, $10 Students

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This event may be subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

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