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Botanical Illustrators

The Botanical Illustrators meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10am to 3pm in the Elliot Centre, near the Cranbourne Gardens Main Office. Tea and coffee are provided, but BYO lunch.

Whether you are an artist, an aspiring artist or just dreaming about developing a new interest, you are welcome to come along and see what we do, get friendly advice and support. Once you try your hand at illustrating plants, you may be surprised how quickly you can achieve results you would never have thought possible.

Our group get-togethers, made up of artists of varying experience, allow us to share ideas and information and give each other encouragement and support whilst working on our paintings and drawings. The group holds talks and workshops at Cranbourne Gardens as well as exhibitions at various galleries. Watch this page for information about forthcoming events.

Recently, about nine of us met up at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens and  then moved to the Herbarium  library where we were shown some of their oldest books and the Cranbourne Collection.

We initially were shown their oldest books, a legacy from von Mueller who bought out many books for reference when he reigned over the Gardens. These included their oldest book printed in the 1532 with wood cut illustrations. A slightly later printed book by Leonhart Fuchs had progressed to hand colouring.  It was amazing to be standing beside books by Darwin, Banks etc.

We then viewed the Cranborne Collection. These included works by Marg Holloway, Robin Allison – orchid, and John Armstrong’s banksia. We were then able to view Jenny Rollason’s Acacia painting which she is donating to the collection this year.

Please note that all Special Interest Group members must conform with the RBGV’s Child Safe ProgramFind out more.

For further information about the group, exhibitions or classes:

Top: Kerryn Robinson, Gompholobium huegelli, Common Wedge-pea. Coloured pencil

Earlier Events

Our August  2021 workshop, Drawing with graphite, with Linda Weil, was fully booked and enjoyed by all.

Earlier in the year in April , Linda Weil conducted a Nature Journaling workshop  which was similarly appreciated.

The first activity (at left) was undertaken in the Elliot Centre – drawing leaves in a number of ways (line only, tonal graphite, colour).  Linda demonstrated methods and encouraged us to observe carefully to understand what we were seeing.  Constant erasing and the seeking of perfection were strongly discouraged.

We then ventured outside with the aim of recording detailed observations of a plant “in the field” – in drawing and in words, in line and in colour, noting measurements,  weather – anything to help us remember or understand or identify.   Prompts to observation were I see…,   I notice…..,  I wonder….,  it reminds me of…….




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